there’s a learning curve

last year i really enjoyed creating some art pumpkins using paper mache and paper clay.I like how each face reveals itself as you create the features and allow a character to unfold. Paper Clay is a little bit drier than other air-dry clays but I’ve been using it for ten years and really enjoy the process. 

This is a witch face sculpted with paper clay over a paper mache base that I made using a balloon as a form. It will take several days to dry and then after lightly sanding it, I will paint it with black gesso and then acrylic paint. I will share the process here and answer any questions you may have as best as I can on my experience with these mediums.

calamity kim

6 thoughts on “there’s a learning curve

  1. These creations are so wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed each piece I have from you! I can’t wait to at some point set up my forever home and display them in all their glory every Fall! I cannot wait to see your process! I love the pumpkins and the White Witch I have with the green face! ❤ Treasures!


  2. I adore those pumpkins, and I can’t wait to watch the witch develop!

    Are you also going to delve into your textile art in this blog? Your work is fascinating, and I love the pieces I have.


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